Sunday, February 21, 2010

Depends to the Internet To Sells Product

In Indonesia, there are only several people who have been considering to choose Internet as the way to sell and promote their product. One of them, Toyib Sarifudin, has been taking the advantages of Internet to set up his wardrobe business. Learn the opportunity that he gets when he converts his conventional business into Internet business
To be a successful entrepreneur, we need a creativity and innovative ideas. Especially, in this hard competition today, we have to be smart to see the space where we can get big profit. That’s what Toyib has been doing with his online shop at . He takes an advantage of online media to promotes and sells his convection products.

" I started my convection business on the middle of 2007 and immediately chose online media. Why I chose the Internet ? Because in that time, there are just a few of people who used it (on Indonesia) and I thought it would be an effective way, " Toyib says.
Apparently, his analysis was correct, using the advantage of Internet’s sophisticated world gives him a lot of opportunities. The escalating of Internet network world wide makes it possible for Toyib to expands his market area into whole Indonesia. "That’s the benefit of Internet, the market area is not limited on the place where we set up our businesses. But it can reach all area around the world since there is the Internet connection and it has low cost too, " he explains.
According Toyib, the other benefit to business through the Internet is it doesn’t need a lot of money. When he started his business, this 25 years old man confesses that he didn’t have a lot of products stock. He only requires several samples for his website.
He says, the main capital is the trusty. Because we only meet through the cyber world, so the trusty among him and his costumers is something important. He needs about three months until he got his first costumer. And after got one trusty, there are the others.
"Because we only meet via Internet, we compel the costumers to give 50 percent of down payment and the rest when the product finish. This down payment used as the production cost, " explains this Bachelor of Accountancy from Sebelas Maret University. Now, thanks to his Internet business, he has customers from Aceh to the corner of Papua.


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