Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hat Production, Turnover Rp. 15 Million / Month

The successful business can created if the entrepreneur has a visionary and the ability to see an opportunity. One legit business come if someone can create product or company on the field which the products always needed. Learn from Suwandi, who start the hat’s business. What people don’t notice is, hat always needed by companies, schools, universities, police departments, and another organizations

This production which resides in Kampung Sewu, Solo, Indonesia can produce various hats from school hat, army hat, police hat, drum band hat, forest hat, to graduation ceremony hat and the related equipment. People who request these hats come from various source, from school, government, organization, and individuals.
One of the hat entrepreneur, Suwandi confesses, if he often get the school’s hat orders (for uniforms), from kindergarten to High School. " Usually the biggest order which we received are school’s hat, from kindergarten to high school, " Mardiyanti, the older daughter of Suwandi explains.
The small business which has been starting from 1980 send its products to Semarang, Yogyakarta, Kalimantan, Banjarmasin to Sumatra. While, there are no minimum order which he determined. But, he also had received the order from forestry department as much as 5.000 hats. They can produce those hats only on three weeks.
The price of hat vary from Rp. 2.500 ( $ 0.27 ) to Rp. 20.000 ($ 2.2 ), depend on the basic materials. On this time, the price of on set academic grown vary from Rp. 90.000 ( $ 9) to Rp. 100.000 ( $ 11.1 ). If there are many orders, this small business can gain profit up to Rp. 15 million ( $ 1,666.6) on one month. " The average turnover every month about Rp. 2,5 million ( $ 277.77). But, if there are many orders, the turnover could reach Rp. 15 million ( $ 1,666.6) a month, " he says.
The basic materials for the hat’s production also easy to find on the market, there are cloth, and cardboard paper. With these hat’s basic materials, the hat’s business doesn’t have significant obstacles. If there are many orders, the basic materials can sent directly from the factories.


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