Wednesday, December 23, 2009

With 100 Dollars of Fund, Can Get 3.000 Dollars

The bankruptcy which he had experienced, not made this business entrepreneur gave up. Instead, he successfully hit the low cost business as the a way to resurrected his ruined business, and develops the business into several new business. Learn how he can do that :

"The first thing that makes you success in business is dolan or hanging out" Joko Santoso, The Owner of Paloma Grup.
The bad days can’t be rejected and the good luck unreachable. It seems that this aphorism is correct to describe this businessman’s fate on 2003. When the complication disease attacked him, Joko Susanto has to lost all his wealth. And it forced him to quit from his job on PT. Tyfontex.

"I was totally shattered at that moment. My three Movie’s rental and three education institutions, and even my car and house sold out for medication cost. And more, my diseases not allowed me worked to hard, I had to quited from my job. I was totally didn’t have anything, " he says.
But, all these problems not made Joko despondent and shrunken his heart. With ’ steel heart ’ which he has from the younger time, this man was not giving up. Only with 100 dollars of social insurance fund, Joko tried to rebuild the ruins of his businesses. He was decide to build accessory to start over his life. With 100 dollar of fund, he was build the store and bought various accessory. He named his store as Paloma, and from it, he could get about 300 dollars per month.
Notice that its result was not bad, Joko then decided that he has to build another five stores. With a hope that he could get 1500 dollars of profit per month. But, the reality was not like what he hope, these store just caused troubles for him. Currently, he was learning that hanging out or visiting his colleagues are one best way to succeed in business. " The first thing that makes you success in business is visiting your colleagues/ build a network, " he said while laugh.
New Businesses Opportunities
From at time, when he was dealing the problems on his stores, Joko was spending his time to sharing with his fellows from Chinese ethnic, whose known as good at trading. "From them, I know that there were not necessary to build many stores, it better if we were build one but bigger, " he tells a story.
Eventually, he sold two from his five stores as fund to created the bigger store. He was create 500 meter square store. And it was proven that the suggestion was right. From accessory stores, Paloma now develops to be a supermarket which provides costumers needs. After succeed with supermarket, he then build distributor business on customer good’s field.
Until now, there are four businesses divisions under Paloma Citra National Company. These divisions are trade field, developer (housing development), contractor and financial institution.
From only 300 dollars a month, now Joko can reach up to 3.000 dollars profit per month. This is because he smart on read the opportunity that lays a head and his hard work. " I never imagine I can get this far. I was remember that it was hard for me, even to bought a bicycle. Thanks God, the hard times over. And now I believe that in business there are fall and rise moments, and we have to have a strong mind to overcome the problems, " he says.


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