Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prepare Prosperous Retired Time

Everyone absolutely wants to live in the comfort and quiet retired time. But the fact, our society awareness to prepare their retired time still low. Some people still hope that in the retired time, they can still employable again, whereas to employable again by companies not so easy, especially if someone’s skill no sufficient, yet the high competition in corporate world.

The others want to live their retired time with stand alone (set up their own business), whereas if someone start to run business in old age, there are more risk than when he was young. Thereby, we have to smart in calculate how we live our life in the retired time. Here some alternative financial plans from Theresia Helena, the director of 123.com, about what you can do while you are in productive time :
1. Regularly save money
You can set aside money from your salary or routine income to your saving fund. You have to determine first about how much you can save your money periodical over a particular period. Start with minimal 10 % up to 30 % from your routine income.
After you can discipline saving your money to your saving fund, now it’s time to invest your money. Before that, you have to understand about variety of investment instruments which available. You can take advantage from some investment instrument that legally provided by your government likes deposito (banking instrument), retail obligation, and stock.
2. Join the retirement program
You can join in the retirement program that provides by finances institution. Find the institution which trustable and has enough experience in this field, to avoid not transparent or mismanagement so your money saves when your retired time comes.
3. Find the side job/s
The point is our income from side job/s can used as extra fund to earn our life. Set up or find side job/s could be very profitable, but you have to remember, the succeed of your side business depends on the good management, full concentration and steadiness.
Don’t forget that we still have to facing the possibility of risks on our side business or side job, whether financial risk or business risk, so you have to plan it carefully since you still young.


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