Sunday, January 3, 2010

What AdSense Successful Publishers Never Told You

We often hear that Internet Business is the right place for making money, not only few dollars but thousand dollars income. We also hear about AdSense as one way to making money online. We create website or blog, join to Google AdSense Program and put the AdSense code into blog or web, and then just waiting for the result. Am I right ?
While some people make us think that Internet Business is something easy to do. Without hard work, and with only few money, we can get five figure income or more. But, after read some success stories from the successful Google AdSense Publishers around the world, I get the big scheme about how they can succeed.
There are two things that I want to emphasize to you before we discuss those facts. First, not all AdSense Publishers do the same things. Some of them could be doing some different ways. Second, I not consider what they do are wrong or right either. In some level, what they do are simply play in the grey area. So some of their ways, as the keys of their success is not break the AdSense’s policy. Here what AdSense Successful Publishers Never Told You :
1. Internet Business need a hard work.
Yet, it is. These success peoples really hard work. They not achieve the success overnight. They do what all successful people have to do, hard work and time investment. They could be spending hours of their time in front their computers or laptops, learning and doing some research. So, if there are some people tell you non sense promises like Internet Business is the simple and easy business, only put the codes and shout, " Show me the money ! " , compare it likes a personal genie, you’ll disappointment.
2. They have a learning attitude and never jump before they see.
Like I said before. They learn as many as possible about what the they needed to succeed in Internet Business. And I sure that before decided to joined with AdSense, they learned everything they should know AdSense. Not only say yes to bombastic promises, and they are trying to find the detail informations or the facts.
3. They not only have one blog or website
Yes, they know the main principle of PPC (Pay Per Click) business is that quantity outweighs the quality. It means that if they want to success in PPC business like AdSense, they have to build many websites / blogs (quantity) than focus in one website or blog (quality). You might be surprise that each of them could make 500 websites or blogs. And its require a hard work, totally hard work.
4. They are using automatic tools to create hundred blogs or websites
Yes, they are using automatic tools to create hundred blogs or websites, because it is something impossible to do manually. Some of them, purchase premium service which provides them with bog’s or website’s templates, access to many tools/softwares to generated contents, conduct high paying keywords research, AdSense’s result tracker, feed rotators etc.
5. Some of them, are not work alone
Some of them have team/s, while the others prefer to work alone. The people who have team/s, can doing more things than the others, and of course become the giant player in this business game.


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