Monday, January 11, 2010

Dragon Fruit, The Pretty and The Wealth Carriers

Healthy is the important issue today. People now more care about health issue. And Warjimin is one of business entrepreneur who can see this business opportunity to provide delicious and healthy fruit for people who care about their healthy. With this business, he can earn multiply money for each year since he started his business.

Have you ever imagine to start a new business with thousand dollars of money and can get Break Event Point less than a year ? Hear this at the glimpse, it seems as an impossible thing. But this all can be proven if you start to pay attention on this business opportunity.

Fruit Dragon Cultivation. Yes, this agricultural business on last several years has been starting to developed by Indonesians agricultural business entrepreneurs.
What they have been doing are something make sense, since from this business engendering successful stories. Not only can achieves BEP (Break Event Point) less than a year, but also can get profit more than ten thousand dollar on the short term, its some way to get easy money.
This success is something which has been experienced by Warjimin, business entrepreneur from Indonesia. Although he has been starting this business only from three years ago, he can get profit more then $ 10.000. There are three variety of Dragon Fruit which he has been developing now. There are White Dragon Fruit, Red Dragon Fruit, and Super Red Dragon Fruit.
Initially, he just tried to planted this fruit on the 1.000 m2 field. But, alongside with his slowly multiply profit, he expands the planted field until now it becomes 5.000 m2.
From this a half hectare field, he can planted 5,000 sticks, and at list he can get profit minimum $ 20,000 for one harvest time. From the 5,000 sticks, he can produce 500 kg per months or ten ton for one fruit season which is six months duration. It lists price stabile on $ 2.5 per kg.
Double Profits
The man whose now be on the first ranks of Dragon Fruit Association then tells that for all this time the Dragon Fruit cultivation associated with it image as middle class of business.
"With $ 5000 of fund, we can open a 1,000 m2 of garden and can cultivable for 1,000 sticks. After a year, the fruits can be harvested for first time with first production minimum two ton or $ 5000. Our profit can bigger if we can sell the seed. If price of one seed is $ 2 and we can sell 2,000 seeds, so we can earn $ 4000, " he explains to us.
This profit will be double on the next harvest time, along with the plant’s growth level until 25 years maximum age of the plants. If we on the first harvest time, one stick can produce 2 kg of fruits, the second year will increase into 3 kg, 6 kg on the third year, 12 kg on the fourth year and be stable on 4 kg of every fruit after the fifth year.
Here the rough calculation :
First Year : 2 ton @ kg $ 2,5 = $ 5000 + sell seeds @ $ 2 = $ 4000, the total earning $ 9,000
Second Year : 3 ton @ kg $ 2,5 = $ 7,500 plus the seeds, the total earning $ 11, 500
Third Year : 6 ton @ kg $ 2,5 = $ 15,000 plus the seeds, the total earning $ 19,000
Fourth Year : 12 ton @ kg $ 2,5 = $ 30,000 plus the seeds, the total earning $ 34,000
Five Year : the total fruit production stabile on 20 kg, so total production is 20 ton @ kg $ 2,5 = $50,000 plus the seeds, the total earning $ 54,000
This rough calculation doesn’t notices that the seeds selling can escalating too, so it probably can produce or sells more than 2,000 seeds.
"One important thing, the cultivation is easy. The failure risk and plaque strikes are so small, " he says.
This man also explains that Dragon Fruit cultivation not needed specific land, only the most suitable field is open land because this fruit need enough sun shines and free from flood. Be sides be a profitable business opportunity, this business can be an agricultural tourism too.
Trivia :
What are the benefits of Dragon Fruit ? Be sides as a fresh and delicious fruit, Dragon Fruit, according some research, has some benefits. It is an anti oxide which can prevents a variety of diseases. The sugar blood balance, the protection of mouth healthiness, the preventive from intestine cancer, reduces cholesterol, the tourniquet, the preventive of diabetes and neurosis.


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