Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ziddu, Upload-Share and Paid

Minimum Payment : $ 10
Payment Methods : Paypal, Money Booker
Brief Explanation : is one of free file hosting. Differs with the others, doesn’t has the premium member. If you want to be a member it’s free. The different between member and non-member is that member has a secure place to store your files, and the files won’t be deleted. So, whatever files that you upload to this free file hosting (as long as not violate the TOS), those will not be deleted. While the non-member, their files will be deleted after 30 days, and they can protect their files. So, when the others search file in Ziddu with the query that related with your files, those files will be found by the others.

The advantage of using Ziddu is that there is no download’s limitation for both member or non-member. So, if you are using it to upload and share your files, the people who decide to download though they are non-member, they have the same chance and speed to download the files. Not like another file hosting services that limit the download for the non-members. You can manage whether you want to share your files or just store those files. The default setting is that others won’t find your files if you not share your files. So, if you decide to upload private data, it will be saved.
What you should do to be paid by Ziddu ? Of course like another file hosting services, you will be paid if you sign in, upload your files and share those to others. When people download those files, you’ll be paid. Every unique download (from one unique I.P address), you’ll paid for $ 0,001.
So, here the calculation :
1000 downloads : $ 1 10.000 downloads : $ 10
Ziddu will pay flat for every download, no matter where the people who download come from. If you notice, another file hosting services determine different payment for different countries. They divide countries into groups. If yours visitors (who download your file/s) come from country likes USA, you’ll be paid up to $ 5 for every 1000 downloads. If your visitors come from another country besides USA, you’ll be paid less than $ 5 for every 1000 downloads.
But, Ziddu will pay you $ 0,001 for every download, not matter where the people who download the files are come from.


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