Monday, December 28, 2009

Ear Mushroom Cultivation

With Strong Will, Earn a Mint of Money

No matter who you are, and even you are just ordinary housewives or moms, you can still have opportunity to earn money and support your family finance conditions. Just read this success story about two lady who started a small business on their home. But from their home based business, they can sufficing their family needed and start a business opportunity for their villages.

With the enthusiasm and awareness to process the environment potential, the two mothers from Indonesia, started the mushroom cultivation business. They are Murtini Bambang (45) and Yatini Sunaryo (47), who have tried to hit the business opportunity one of popular snack today, which is mushroom. When they started this business, they have dream to make their village as the center of ear mushroom cultivation in Solo City.

" We have seen the available potential, between other things are the field and human resources, we have a future plan so the ladies on this village will joins us in this cultivation business, " Yatini said. She optimistic that through this business, the ordinary housewives on her village can be more productive, and then they can help to evolved the family finance.
This business started when Murtini was following the mushroom cultivation training that held by one community on Jogjakarta. " With the support and enthusiasm from Mrs. Yatini, finally we started that business on July, 2009 with joint venture fund, " she said.
With bamboo house about 3 x 7 meter square, the two started the business with 1.000 log of mushroom seeds. " These mushroom can be harvested every three week. Which from 1.000 log can produce 136 kilogram of mushrooms. The profit from every harvest time can be doubled, " Murtini explains. She says, from 150 dollar fund, can produce 330 dollar every harvest time.
Good Prospect
This mushroom cultivation seems has well prospect to developed as the middle micro business. Yatini sees this business not to risk, because it can start with small fund. The thing that has to be notice is the air temperature, light level, and humidity. "Be sides that, the treatment not take too much time and can do en passant. The only thing that we need are commitment and patience, " she says.
As the snack, ear mushroom has many benefits for healthy, one of them are as anti oxide. Ear mushroom has the contents which can be antidote from heavy metal toxic, residue, pesticide, and can reduce blood sugar level. Be sides that, Indonesia’s ear mushroom product has the potential to export because some countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Japan interesting in.
In the effort to create the idea to developing mushroom cultivation in their village, they have proposed relieve fund to the authority. " Because we expand it, so we need relieve fund, " Yatini says. She optimistic that her efforts will succeed, according to the good respond from the society.


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